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At Professional Skate Service we are passionate on offering our customers the highest level of customer service and providing our customers with a one-stop shop for all your service needs. From our expert fittings to skate sharpening and even little repairs like hooks on your skates. We are here to service you from head to skate. Our dedicated staff have the expertise to service all your needs.

Our services include:

  • skate sharpening
  • skate fitting
  • heat fits
  • blade alignments
  • blade mounting
  • power (boot ) stretching
  • custom boot fittings
  • bubble pressing
  • hook repairs
  • sole plugging
  • boot dying
  • patching and tongue repairs

And much more!! Please feel free to send us an email  or come in if you have any other service needs.

Skate Care Tips:


We cannot stress enough how important it is to air out your skates. Many boots have leather soles and if they are not allowed to dry the soles will rot. This will lead to your screws stripping and the soles turning black. To air out yours skates remove them from your bag, open up the boots and pull the insoles out. This is important to do after each ice session


Just like your boots it is important to dry your blades after each ice session. Use a skate towel or chamois to dry the blades and plate attached to the boot. Place soft covers on your skates. When you are walking in your skates before you are on the ice use hard guards to protect your blades from debris on the floor. But it is important to not store your blades on the hard guards. Moisture often gets trapped in the hard guards and if left on your blades for long periods the moisture will cause your blades to rust. 

Sharpening FAQ:

How often should I get my skates sharpening?

This can be a very personal question. It really can depend on how sharp you like your blades to feel on the ice. A general rule of thumb would be anywhere between 20-30 hours of ice time. If you lose an edge or get a nick in the blade you would need them sharpened sooner. Remember to always wear your hard guards when you are not on the ice to help avoid with getting those nicks.

What is the difference between a free skate, dance and combo sharpening?

A free skate sharpening is the most common hollow for most skaters. A combo sharpening is what we suggest fro beginner and recreational skaters. There is a less pronounced edge which will provide these skaters with more glide. The dance sharpening is a deeper hollow providing less glide but allows skaters to cut the ice better when making edges, ideal for ice dancers. 

Club & Team Program

Professional Skate Service offers custom Club & Team Apparel. Everything from jackets, pants and accessories can be customized with club or team logo, team name and skater’s name. Sample sizing is available in most styles to size a club or team to insure proper fits. Minimum quantities are 12 pieces, with discounts ranging from 15-25% off retail prices.

Our Club & Team Program also applies to volume orders of essential skating accessories such as tights, blade covers, skate guards, skate towels, etc. Minimum quantities are 12 pieces, with discounts ranging from 15-25% off retail prices.

Please contact  Melissa at melissa@psscalgary.com or 403-243-3663 ext.111 for inquires.